Holy Moly Lucknowites! Vintage Machine has launched its new menu and we are going gaga over it

There is always that one place which remains at the top of your list when you brag about your city to your long distance friends and family. For Lucknowites that place is none other than the prestigious coffee house- Vintage Machine (VM).

Being a VM fan you’ve gotta admit that every time you take a seat in the cafe, you scan the menu for 10 minutes but just can’t stop admiring it. However, that scene is about to change now, as you are going to spend more than just 10 minutes because VM has got a brand new menu for all its fans. A menu full of items, which will take Lucknow a notch higher when speaking about food.

On January 26th Vintage Machine (VM) launched its splendid 6-page long menu, amidst a bloggers meet.

The new menu has a variety of things, most of which will be seen for the first time in Lucknow.

If you are a Lucknowite who hasn’t tried VM in Gomti Nagar, you are probably living under a rock. But this is your chance to witness rarity as VM brings to Lucknow the culture of Nitro Coffee and Cannelloni- the rich man’s pasta, amongst many other striking new dishes.

Introducing Nitrogen Coffee for the first time in Lucknow

Nitrogen Coffee wouldn’t just amaze your taste-buds, but the entire process of making it is quite fascinating too. A Kegerator is a machine that is used for making Nitrogen coffee. This concept isn’t just a new thing in Lucknow, but is rarely even seen in metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. The coffee is first cold brewed for 24 hours, infused with nitrogen and the coffee shots are pulled out from it. Thanks to VM, Lucknowites can now enjoy the freshly brewed Nitrogen coffee.

Not only the food, but the menu too is thoughtfully designed in a Vintage look, which will remind you of the 20th century and leave you to make the tough decision of what to order.

(L-R) Japanese Matcha Latte and Kashmiri Cappuccino

With their Japanese Matcha Latte, new range of salads and other low carb dishes, Vintage Machine (VM) is going to become the second home of fitness freaks too.

Country Side Chicken Wings

Only VM is the place where you could get such an amalgamation of matcha with regular cappuccino and so many unusual recipes of burgers, salads, smoothies and a lot more.

Stay tuned for our full coverage on VM’s new menu coming out next week!

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