Meet Leena Vig, the woman who can shape your life & career, with Explore Canvas in Lucknow

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A child’s mind is like a blank canvas, which needs to be filled with his/her choices and abilities, without being influenced by society or any other factor or pressure.

Meet Leena Vig, the founder of Explore Canvas, an institute that brings your child’s real talents and interests to the front, so that at a very early age, he/she can make the right career choice.

This is highly important because when you find out what you are good at, you get ample time to learn and polish those skills, which will help you decide what you want to study further and what career you want to pursue later in life.

Here is a 50-second takeaway!

The following interview shall help you understand the procedure in detail and also why it is important to provide the children with such help at the growing stage:

Knocksense: What made you start Explore Canvas?

Leena: I think a child’s mind is like a “BLANK CANVAS” but with unlimited hidden colours or unlimited possibilities. If all children get proper guidance at a very early stage in life, i.e. starting of adolescence, they will develop themselves as better proactive & responsible citizen of our country.

They can create their masterpiece if they have a better understanding of themselves, for the society, for responsible relationships & trained in life skills & proper communication skills. We at Explore Canvas help them to develop all these understandings & guide them to take better decisions regarding their career & other life goals.

Knocksese: How has your journey been so far?

Leena: I was a Teacher, Counselor, Master Trainer Of Adolescence Education Program, and Coordinator Of Co-Curricular Activities in reputed government organization “Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan” for over 26 years.

During my tenure, I provided Motivational Guidance to students who have now excelled in their respective fields of interest. I am a Global Counselor Certificate holder from the University of California & have done my MBA in Educational Administration.

I have conducted numerous workshops on adolescent issues, open learning space for teachers, gender sensitization workshops, sensitization & awareness workshops on adolescent problems for principal, teachers, parents, students and a lot more.

My ideology is: –

Let a flower choose its soil & then see it blossom like never before.

Knocksense: How would you differentiate between Psychiatric Counselling & Career Counselling?

Leena: Counselling is one to one relationship and mutual understanding between counsellor and counselee. It’s a provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal & psychological problems which help the counselee to acquire independence and develop a sense of responsibility to explore and utilize his potentialities and actualize him/her self.

Although the psychiatric use counselling as one of the techniques of treatment, whose behaviour is neurotic. Psychiatric deals with repressed individuals while counselling is concerned with normal anxieties.

Knocksense: Do you think that Career Counselling is required in the digital era? How can students benefit from it?

Leena: Our young generation lacks a proactive approach, and most people choose fantasy over reality. The education system is more about quantity and less about quality due to which children do not have the right exposure. The kind of content that is surfacing on the internet these days it shifts the focus and takes the children into a fantasy world far different from the truths of real life. So, yes, career counselling is highly important.

We at Explore Canvas first empower the young people for a better understanding of their qualities & skills and do proper psychoanalysis to empower them for taking better life decisions.

Knocksense: How do you differentiate between career counselling and psychological counselling?

Leena: Career counselling is an effort for the students for career guidance right from their school about the available career options as per their interest & stream of academics. Whereas psychological counselling helps people with physical, emotional & mental health issues to improve their sense of well-being, alleviate the feeling of distress & resolve the crises.

Both the fields are interlinked, we in the explore canvas first analyze the person’s psychological aspects because those are the basis to know the individual self, interest, skills, potential that are the major parameters to select any career.

Knocksense: How do you differentiate Explore Canvas with other Career Counselling Centres in Lucknow?

Leena: As our name suggests, Explore Canvas is like exploring yourself to create your masterpiece on a blank canvas. Before switching directly to Career Counselling we perform complete psychoanalysis of young professionals.We try to empower the child the on following aspects:

Personal Exploration: – Identification or self-discovery of own skills, abilities, capabilities, attitudes, aptitudes, behavior, challenges faced in growing stage of development, understanding of relationships with parents, peers, & society, stereotypes & discriminations prevailing in society.

Career Planning: – In the second step we open multi potentiality of career choices & opportunities as per his/her personal interest & qualities.

Our sole aim of counselling is to empower you for better decision-making & goal setting.

Knocksense: How do you solve identity issues in children & young professionals?

Leena: Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality looks expression that make a person.Today young professionals are struggling with identity issues like emotional, behavioural & adjustment problems, substance abuse, aggression, violence, mood tantrums, unable to control sexual desires, peer pressure, low esteem, etc.

We give them guidance & sessions in self-esteem, self-acceptance& building self-confidence, building positive responsible relationships with parents, peers & society.

Knocksense: How do you make parents understand adolescent issues in children?

Leena: At Explore Canvas, we sensitize the parents towards the problems of adolescents. We develop empathy in parents by taking them into their past & realize them that it’s the same process.

We sensitize the parents about physical, emotional & hormonal changes in adolescence age. We suggest parents accept their child with positive & negative qualities, listen to them with a non-judgmental & an empathetic attitude.

Here is what a student has to say about her-

It is easy to be an inspiration but not easy to inspire someone. She is the inspiration that made me believe no dream is impossible to achieve. A guide, a counsellor, a friend, she has been all.- Addya Mishra

For all the people who are looking for some guidance in their professional life, visit their website or check out their fb page. You can also contact Explore Canvas at +91 7007017170 or visit their centre.

Location- 106, First Floor, Sky High Chambers, Park Road,  Lucknow – 226001, Uttar Pradesh.

Written by Knocksense Staff


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  1. ” A woman who can accomplish all tasks while remaining beautiful, in an authoritative position in a business”.
    she has given me insight to track life to the right path.
    Explore canvas is the right place to learn how to live your life.

  2. “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
    According to us dreams are extremly important , explore canvas gives you path of success by renowned global counsel or Mrs. Leena vig.

  3. Leena Vig is a beautiful and empowered persona who believes in making the world a better place. She is a problem solver to the core, and keeps on designing effective strategies to bring the best out–both for children and the parents. She is out and out positive in her thinking and in her actions.

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