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October Checklist: 21 Places in Lucknow Where You Can Eat in Less Than Rs 100

We all have certain budget constraints, isn’t it? After college or a long day at work, we need something to eat and drink but then the paucity of money stops us from eating out in Lucknow.

For all those who always suffer from budgetary constraints, here is a list of 20 places where we can eat in less than Rs.100 in Lucknow. BDW, some of these places would fill your stomach under Rs. 30! Don’t believe us? Check out the following places for yourself.

Chatpati Fish House

Fried fish at this outlet in Charbagh is a must try. Biryani and Tandoori Chicken is also famous here. Chatpati Fish House opens at 5 pm everyday. However, it stays shut on Tuesday.


Located just opposite Tunday Kababi in Aminabad is a food joint which every nonveg lover cherishes in Lucknow. Bandh Ghosh & Mutton Keema are a must try here. Though a full meal will go slightly above Rs 100, we strongly recommend you to visit Alamgir for Bandh Ghosh.

Hotel Charminar

Khade Masale Ka Stew and Mutton Biryani are must try here. The place is located at Lalbagh crossing near Novelty Lalbagh. Alternatively, you can also order from Uber Eats.

Ratti Khaste

Needless to say, this food joint in Aminabad is a must visit place. Awesome laal alloo ke khaste with jalebi will surely make you go crazy. Bdw one khasta costs under Rs. 20 so what are you waiting for?

Dumpling at 1090 crossing

While there are a lot of fast food options available at 1090 crossing, we recommend you to try tandoori momos at Dumpling Momo Corner.

Dilli Soya Chaap at 1090 crossing

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Almost every month, a new stalls is seen at 1090 crossing. This time it is the ‘Original Dilli Soya Chaap’. The stall is located right opposite the 1090 Women Powerline office’s gate and the malai soya chaap is a must try here.


With four outlets in Lucknow, Alpahaar will surely amaze all Lucknowites. This article is about things to eat under Rs. 100 but at Alpahaar you can hog onto 3 samosas for just Rs. 10. Bdw their Khastas’s are delicious too.

Pat A Cake

As catchy as its name is, the food will catch your attention too. Want to hit the bull’s eye of tasty delight? You literally go for it here; that’s what they call their mouth-watering pack of sweetness – Bull’s Eye.

Tunday Kababi

This kabab joint has an unique taste. Be it Shahrukh, Salman or Aamir, every Bollywood superstar who is a big-time non-veg foodie loves this historical place in Lucknow.

Sharma Tea Corner

Bun Makhan with Chai or the unique spherical samosas is a must have here.

LBS Coffee Point aka Exer Club

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Every Gaurs student or Loreto Girl must have heard of this place! Excer club will surely fill your stomach under Rs. 50. The Mushroom sandwich and cheese burger are a must have here.

Idris Biryani Corner

Located Opposite Patanala Police Station in Chowk, It serves one of the best biryani in Lucknow. The biryani’s aroma will surely make you fall in love with this place.

Makkhan Malai at Chowk

Makkhan malai is a sweet winter delicacy that is popular in North India. People from all over the world come to Lucknow to get a taste of this super soft frothy milk product, plenty of which can be finished in the blink of an eye. The best place to try Makkhan Malai in Lucknow is the Chowk choraha.

Bajpai Poori-Kachauri Bhandar

Surprisingly, one plate of Poori-Kachauri just costs Rs.40 and one plate is enough to last in your stomach for at least 6 hours.

Chat at Royal Cafe

It is located at Hazratganj and opposite Sahara Ganj mall. Royal Cafe is one of the most hygienic place in Lucknow for all chat lovers. Basket chat is delicious, you just can’t afford to miss this place.

ABC Rolls

Situated near the office of Danik Jagran and Times of India, The rich kaleji roll and boti kabab roll will surely kill all your stomach rats.

Lalla Biryani

Another delicious biryani joint in Chowk, Lalla Biryani serves the cleanest biryani in Lucknow. With awesome mutton pieces and clean rice, this place should be on all food lovers list.

Bombay Pav-Bhaji

Perhaps the best pav bhaji in town, haven’t you tried it yet?

Paneer Momos at Bhootnath Market

This momo kiosk is located on the left-hand side of the Bhootnath Temple Gate. A full plate paneer momos cost just Rs 60.

Manish Eating Point

Situated at Patrakarpuram choraha, Gomti Nagar, Chicken Shwarma roll of this place is bound to impress you!

Rahim ki Kulcha Nihari

Rahim at Chowk is probably the best place in Lucknow to try Kulcha Nihari

So you thought you knew the city, eh? Well if you have missed these, believe us, you missed hanging out in some rather fabulous places with your friends. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and tell us if we were wrong.

Written by Varul Mayank


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