Do you really wanna know who we are?

Knocksense is the country’s first digital platform, which produces visually-appealing content on cities and topics, which are generally left uncovered by mainstream media houses.

We believe that an image speaks a thousand words and we write a lot of words :P!!

What do we write about?

From A to Z, we write about anything which meets just one criteria, human interest. However, currently, we write about Travel, Food, Technology, Shopping, Humour, Short films, Lifestyle and latest viral stories from around the globe.

Knocksense blends video, audio, photograph and written material on one single platform and offers a modern way of information consumption.

We are now two years old and stronger than ever before

May 11th, 2016 was the day, which transformed the lives of many. We at Knocksense started a mission to highlight tier-II cities.

Delhi, Mumbai and other such metropolitan cities were always well highlighted. Businesses thrive in metropolitan cities because there are people who are able to connect with businesses and vice versa. However, a business in tier-II city struggles to reach out to their target audience. A lot of people never get to know about the interesting things happening in their backyard.

It is said that smaller cities are dull places with nothing to do except to take a stroll near the river but we believe that when you start informing people of all the events taking place in their city, the audience becomes more interactive and demand more such things. This is when cafes, restaurants, spa, salon and other such businesses start inventing.

Today, we are not only celebrating two years of Knocksense but we are also celebrating two years of a newborn Lucknow, which is in no way behind metropolitan regions.

Today, we also extend our helping hand to you to do the same in your city, which we did in Lucknow. Let’s knock some sense and creativity in people of your city and let us give them a completely new and reformed way to eat, dance, rejoice and entertain.